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Soaps by Chanda

Crackling Birch Wax Melt

Crackling Birch Wax Melt

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Experience the serene essence of the great outdoors with our 'Crackling Birch' Wax Melt. Immerse yourself in the earthy woodsy aroma of birch trees, complemented by the soothing sound of a crackling fire. This wax melt transports you to a cozy cabin in the woods, evoking the tranquility of nature. As it melts, it releases a comforting fr4agrance that sets the perfect mood for relaxation. Let 'Crackling Birch" take you on an aromatic journey into the heart of the forest

Crackling Birch Wax Melt

These melts are made with pillar of bliss wax, fragrance, and candle dye. There is more than 3 ounces in each package.

For large warmers, 3 cubes can be used and for small warmers, 2 cubes can be used. Wax does get hot so keep warmer away from any objects.


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