Soaps by Chanda

Come visit us here and enjoy checking out our various products that will enrich your bathroom experience. These handcrafted items will awaken your senses in the morning but also calm your mind in the evening. The butters and oils and fragrances and colors...... and all of everything you see and read are designed to give you an accurate representation of all the items without having to leave your home. Thank you for visiting us.

  • I Love Soaps by Chanda. They smell wonderful, lather very good, and they are also very nice to show off in the bathroom, kitchen, or powder room. Nice choices and I'll continue to buy from her. ~Louise

  • Highly recommend Chanda's handcrafted soaps. I tried 5 scents and can't choose a favorite- love them all and will be ordering more for myself, and as gifts. They smell lovely, leave your skin feeling soft, and lather just the right amount. ~Sheena

  • This soap lathers so nicely and smells good enough to eat. I gave another of Chanda's soaps to a friend with dry/eczema and it has greatly improved her skin texture. Highly recommend. ~Bethany

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