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Soaps by Chanda

Be Mine Soap/Valentine Soap

Be Mine Soap/Valentine Soap

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"Be Mine" is an exquisite Valentine's Day soap, meticulously crafted with a blend of nourishing ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, and castor oil. Enhanced with the luxurious touch of heavy cream, cane sugar, and the silky texture of tussah silk, this soap promises a pampering experience.

Infused with the captivating fragrance of black amber plum, the soap transports you into a romantic ambiance. The inclusion of kaolin clay contributes to a creamy lather, while titanium dioxide ensures a pristine white base. For extra bubbles, cane sugar is added.

The visual allure of "Be Mine" is heightened by its vibrant red and pink swirls, creating a visually stunning representation of love. The soap is elegantly piped on top, adding a touch of sophistication. A heart and flamingo embed further enhance its Valentine's Day Theme, making it a delightful and thoughtful gift for the season of love.

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